Adding Audio to your CRYENGINE Level - Fmod Studio Workflow Part 1

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In our new tutorial video series, Learning Manager Brian Dilg covers how to set up audio in CRYENGINE. In part one, you’ll learn how to setup FMOD with CRYENGINE, add ambient sounds, and setup audio triggers to play sounds.

Documentation & PDF:
Completed Showcase Level:

Finding the audio tutorial in the documentation 0:17
Project creation and setup 1:35
Downloading the project assets 1:51
Downloading and installing the sample level 3:00
Fmod project setup and creation 3:34
CRYENGINE project and middleware setup 6:06
Opening and exploring the showcase level 7:35
Opening the Audio Controls Editor 8:24
Creating the first Fmod sound bank 9:19
Creating an audio trigger in CRYENGINE 10:52
Adjusting the gain (level) of a sound 12:45
Adding the 3D multi-instrument tree movement event 13:17
Creating the tree movement audio trigger in CRYENGINE 15:21
Adding an Audio Trigger Spot to the level 16:04

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