Evolving Pipelines with PDG | Jeff Wagner | Houdini Illume

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SideFX's Jeff Wagner - Senior Production Consultant - provides a high level overview of the efficiencies gained by using proceduralism in the pipeline, and why PDG was conceived to solve pipeline dependency challenges.

Jeff is joined by Ken Xu - Senior Software Architect, PDG and Engine - plus software developers Chris Grebeldinger and Taylor Petrick.

1:35 What is a Pipeline
2:25 Pipeline Applications
2:43 Stressed Pipelines
3:36 Cache-Based Pipelines
5:18 ...Pros
5:57 ...Negatives
6:44 Departments & Cached Pipelines
7:37 Formats & Cached Pipelines
10:09 Formats & Cached Pipelines - USD
11:51 Mixed Application Pipelines
13:31 Pipelines & Approvals
14:02 Mixed Application Pipelines & Houdini Engine
16:28 Does Proceduralism Actually Work? Yes.
18:30 ...Negatives
22:15 Proceduralism is Necessary
23:40 Dependency Tracking in Pipelines
24:36 Our Position on Pipelines
28:15 Houdini Engine
29:47...How Engine is Used
31:50 ...Engine's Role in Shot Publishing
32:50 ROPs Applied to Pipelines
33:30 PDG Conceived
35:30 PDG in Houdini
36:15 PilotPDG Overview
37:55 PDG Studio Notes
41:14 PDG Hands-on - Where to Start
44:44 Q&A
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