MODO Lighting Tutorial - Lighting a Portrait in MODO

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In this tutorial we're going to take a look at how to light a portrait in modo using some simple techniques, to really make your models come to life.

Here are the key points in the video:
- Use a three point light setup
- Area lights are awesome for portrait lighting as they produce as soft and comfortable result
- Make one of the lights more dominant when it comes to saturation. You want to control where your saturation is so that it doesnt go all over the place.
- DOF can really add the last bit of polish to your lighting. Ctrl F to auto focus in the preview
- Do color grading once the render is done. Very, very rarely is the image as good as it can be straight out of modo.
- An ambient occlusion pass can really help to bring the details out.
- Use a backdrop to control the background of your portrait.

For more info, check this out.

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