[UE4] -Vulcaboom- Luos's A Particle A Day For A Year! 18/356 SpeedCreate

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VulcaBoom! Vulcannon :)

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I will post one particle effect every day and will try to keep this up for an entire year.
I will try to keep it interesting, and hopefully also try something out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.
Obviously there will be days where I don't have the time, (work/vacation/real life stuff) but that just cannot be avoided.

Some points:

1. I will post a new effect every day. (with a few exceptions of course)
2. I will also record the whole process of the creation of this effect, this will be sped up to stay within 30 minutes.
3. Occasionally I will goof off in the video's, either because I am trying new stuff, or because I have no clue how to proceed.
4. Sometimes I wont be doing the fastest route. (goofing off/inexperience/I'm weird)
5. I will post two videos, one just showing off the particle effect, the other will be the entire process sped up.
6. You can suggest effects, but this wont mean I will be making it, or that you have any ownership over it, please ONLY SUGGEST ON THE FORUMS!
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